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Irene Vincent

949 285 1189

 Visionary & Mystical Art by Irene Vincent

 Artist, Author, Painting Classes, Spiritual Guidance, Astrology

Irene's art is inspired from her dreams, visions, contemplations. and spontaneous painting. She uses the symbolism and meanings in her art similar, as in, interpreting dreams, as a consciousness raising tool.

SEDONA OPEN ARTIST STUDIO: Oct 29-31, 2021  or by Appointment:  Call 949-285-1189                25 Homestead Rd. West Sedona, AZ  86336 USA. 

COMING SOON   October 29, 30, & 31, 2021 Please visit my Open Artist Studio #7 on the Map

at 25 Homestead Rd., as part of  SedonaArtistsCoalition.Org. I have so much original art that is much more amazing to see in person than in little pictures. There will be tour maps all over town.


Get the latest news on: Painting classes, workshops, events, shows and notice of my latest paintings.  Once every few months or so.  Please share your thoughts, comments at


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YOU CAN NOW BUY PRINTS of my ART on Canvas, Posters, Tee-Shirts, Cups, Stickers, Puzzles, Pillows, Yoga Mats etc at  It is easy and fun to customize my images on products and change background colors on many different products.  Fine Art America makes quality products for fair prices.

If you see a painting on my site and want to make a print, just email me with the title and I'll upload the image to Fine Art America, if it's not there. I have hundreds of images and it takes time to add them all.  

view my latest paintings on        Prices for  my originals are listed there,  

I hope you enjoy my art & I deeply appreciate your support.

I also have images on youtube of my older surreal geometric as well as my surreal space art. And can upload those.  I own most of my originals and they are available for sale.

AWAKENING LOVE'S VIBRATIONS   A visionary artist takes you on a spiritual adventure

seeking cosmic love through art, dreams, yogis, shamans, visions, and sacred travel.

youtube - Spiritual Author Irene Vincent Introduces "Awakening Love's Vibrations" including over 50 images of art. yogis & travel

Awakening Love's Vibrations, An Artist's Search Takes You on a Journey to Explore the Esoteric Arts, the Wisdom of her Spiritual Teachers, and Travel to Mayan and Other Ancient Sites. It includes 93 images of art, yogis, and travels and is available in a Black & White Print Edition, as well as in a Full Color Print Edition and in Color E-Book  

or you can buy a hand signed edition by the artist-Black&White-$18.00 + $5.00 S&H.     Full Color Edition $33.00 + $5.00 S&H.

Pay through PayPal at my email address and I'll ship you the book.

It comes out at an appropriate time. Irene's story starts with her attempts to make a MIND SHIFT from 

Political Art, that focuses on society's problems. She changes her  to "What are the Solutions for society and humanity?"

Then her questions changed to “What is love, a love beyond family, beyond tribe, and our culture? What is a universal

love beyond sentimentality?” She wonders if she'll be able to come up with images of love. This questioning opens doors

of perception and love shows up in unexpected ways. 

Loving spiritual teachers appear, spending intimate conversation time with her. She shares their insights

and wisdom. She explores esoteric practices, has magical and healing dreams, and is inspired to travel to Mayan ruins

and other ancient sites.

You discover her process for exploring the depths of symbolism in her dreams and art, and how it

becomes a consciousness-raising tool, bringing mystical experiences. 

From vicariously experiencing Irene’s different explorations, she hopes that you’ll be inspired to keep

seeking and igniting your heart vibrations of universal love, joy and bliss.

"Let's all be the wonderful people we are seeking to know and

uniquely change this world to be the world we love to live in."

Amazon Reviews

Ron Cohan

5.0 out of 5 stars An inspiring book filled with beautiful artwork

Wow! What an inspiring book. Rarely are people brave enough to actually take chances and pursue meaning in their lives no matter what. Yet that is what this author, Irene Vincent has done. In her search for a life filled with not only joy and kindness but also deep meaning, she follows pathways of symbolism and creativity, meeting many wise swamis and spiritual teachers along the way.She also travels to and explores many interesting and powerful ancient sites. Her adventures are fun to read about and the lessons she learns are inspiring. But the best part of this book is the amazing artwork that she creates along the way. Each piece is beautifully depicted along with insightful explanations of their symbolism and meaning.This is not only a fun and enjoyable book to read, it is also a book I will treasure for all the beautiful artwork and photographs. I can't wait for the next book in the trilogy to be released.

Cynthia Ré Robbins

5.0 out of 5 stars  Uplifting Journey

I loved this book! I read it very quickly, because I found it so interesting, so now I am reading it a second time. The previous reviewer really expressed all of my thoughts already. I was impressed by the way Irene's life unfolded, presenting her with excellent teachers, mentors and partners every step of the way. She is a very courageous spirit, able to discern her opportunities and then act upon them fearlessly.
I loved the descriptions of the places she visited, the homes she created, and the artwork's inner meaning and symbolism. It was especially interesting to learn how her projects evolved.
I think this is a very worthwhile read and a Keeper. It will stay on my bookshelf always.

Reviews are appreciated.


Quotes from Readers

"Adventures abound in this young girl's life. At age

nine, a near death experience forever changes her

concept of time and intrigues her with the mysteries

of the human brain. She explores life from the ghetto, from poverty, from relationships, from the

entrepreneur business world, and from the

perspective of an artist. She travels experiencing

many cultures, along with exploring the esoteric arts.

Not understanding it at the time, all of these paths

were leading her to a spiritual understanding of life, transforming her soul." 

Ron Cohan

I was glued to my Kindle till finishing this book.

Deceptively "easy reading", this wonderful true tale is

laden with powerful inspiration of many kinds. It

captures your attention immediately as young Irene becomes aware of the Universe and her possibilities.

Her journey is a priceless power of example and

beacon of hope, showing how much one can direct

one's own life, even with many obstacles. I am really impressed by her focus and fearlessness, her trust in God(dess), her ever-morphing expression. The book illustrates (literally) a

clear progression in business, love and art. The

descriptions of the paintings are very helpful to

anyone making their own art or appreciating the art

of others.This book will help others to listen to their

own heart, follow their dreams, explore the world,

and find joy in the journey. I wish the "sequel" were available right now. Her story is not over. Thank you Irene for sharing your adventures with us. 

Cynthia Re Robbins

"As I read, Revealing - The Evolution of an Artist's

 Soul, I could see in Irene's words and paintings, how

a life can be transformed by not giving into

convention, and instead learning how to tap into our

own truer selves."

Ron Figueroa - Author of : To Save A Dying Planet

"It is an uplifting story, because it was like Irene was holding a lantern, lighting up the trials and

tribulations of her life's experiences. It caused me to

once more reflect upon my life and it had a healing effect." 

Angel B

"I read it in one sitting. Along with being interesting,

it had a historical value in that it covered life issues experienced by the author from the mid 1950's to the

late 80's. I can see it as a movie." 

 Tony Mata - screenwriter

After two near-death-experiences, Irene holds faith as light to life's challenges. She goes from poverty to success, passionately pursues her art, and embraces her soul

A 32-year memoir written as an adventure story with travel, art and dreams.

It includes 72 images.

YouTube - 49 Images early art and Introduction to her Memoir

Now available online as Paperback & eBook

Buy at Amazon: Revealing - The Evolution of an Artist's Soul , Book One: A Spiritual Journey Trilogy 

Buy at Barnes & Noble as Paperback: Revealing - The Evolution of an Artist's Soul


Buy eBook at iBookStore

"Friends and people who have read my book, call me and tell me how memories of their own life's adventures and close intimate moments with the divine came flooding back to them. And that they are happily sharing their stories and my stories with their friends and families."  

Irene Vincent


Follow my Blog: IrenesMysticalMoments  Please share your feelings, ask questions, and give comments.


On YouTube Irene speaks about her different art periods and the power of art in its many forms. Irene talks about

visions, creativity, dreams, insights, contemplation, and symbolism.

Art Studio & Gallery Tour 2021   

29 Spiritual, Visionary Paintings by Irene Vincent 2020

The Meaning & Vision behind the painting "Divine Ecstasy"

Galactic Geometric Series from the 1970's 

Surreal Art Series from the 1970's  

Political Art by Irene Vincent -Series 1

Missile Totem Sculpture-Irene Vincent  Series 2

Transformational Sculptures - Shamanism

Healing Grief Through Dream Work and Art

Spiritual Art: Seeking Oneness by Irene Vincent

To view and purchase Irene's art images on kids and adult clothing, water bottles, cups etc. at CafePress.

Over the past 30 years, I have pursued self-expression through figure-drawing, painting, sculpting and pottery. Figure drawing and painting have been my first love. The content, symbolism, and technical expression of my paintings are interwoven with my philosophical contemplations, visionary experiences, and life experiences. I have traveled through Europe, Greece, Egypt, North America, Mexico, Central America, South America, Tahiti, Thailand, and India, visiting art museums, ancient ruins, temples and the peoples. 

I have participated in many artist groups and self-awareness groups such as: Jungian Dream Analysis, Art Therapy, Dance Therapy, Self-encounter, Astrology and Eastern Spirituality. I have become the student and friend of many yogis and healers and have sponsored their visits and lectures in my home. I teach art, as well as, yoga and meditation. I also give astrological readings. I honor all beings, Mother Earth, and the Divine Cosmos.

Over the years, I have painted a geometric series, a surrealistic series, an abstract stain painting series and a political art series which on the flip side led me and my art into mysticism, visionary experiences, and shamanism. For a period, the images of my political paintings reflected the darker side of society, such as, missiles, politics, sexism and war. I painted these images hoping that society would reflect upon these, and thus raise its consciousness. However, I found that the morbidity of these chronic cycles of war and pain only enhanced my own sadness and pain.

I wanted to paint images to alleviate humanities pain. I contemplated upon love, prayer, and healing. I contemplated, "What is the highest form of love, beyond and without personal sentiment?" I questioned how could I transform my political images into prayer, blessings, and healing images. The painting "Missiles and Coffee Cups" and the sculpture "Missile Totem" led me into shamanism. Both these art works started as a satire on society, but then I turned the painting experience into prayer and ritual by adding healing elements. My paintings now symbolize the seeking of oneness through the union of opposites, such as, the male and female, heaven and earth, the human and the universe, etc.

When using acrylic paint, I paint spontaneously flinging liquid transparent layers onto the raw canvas. This experience feels primordial, because I get a sense of connectedness with the cosmos when I attempt to create images of stars, planets, and galaxies. Then I paint in more detail with both thick opaque textures and glazes. The transparent layers absorb into the canvas to convey depths of space and colorful vibrations. The textures create light reflections. For me it is a symbolic parallel of the inner depths of the Self and the outer expanses of life and space. I use color for its symbolism as well its compositional effects in space. I paint large areas of color as well as fine details. I love to paint large mural size paintings so I can dance using my whole body movement in the process of creating art. A large painting encompasses the viewer as well as draws them into the image. "Seeking Oneness" is made of seven canvases bolted together to form a twelve feet equilateral triangle. "Divine Ecstasy" has a five foot nine inch square canvas bolted over a nine feet circular canvas. My artwork is said to be surreal, magical realism, visionary art, mystical art, figurative art, mythical art, etc.

In 2002, I met Prof. Philip Rubinov-Jacobson who is a brilliant Visionary Artist who teaches Mische' Technique (Egg Tempera and Oil), also known as old master technique as developed by the artist Van Eyck. I studied this technique with Philip, during his wondrous 2-3 week workshops in Austria in 2002, Italy in 2003, Germany in 2004, and Austria in 2005. I also studied a similar technique with Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffmann in Cadaques, Spain in 2006. They had all studied under Ernst Fuches in Austria.

Mische' Technique is a wonderful medium for Visionary and Fantastic Art. With the white egg tempera, I feel like I am painting with white light. The egg tempera paints very fine lined details as well as giving great illusions of water and atmosphere. Between the fine detailed white brilliance and the layering of colored oil glazes, the paintings emanate a jewel-like brilliance.

I'm always learning and experimenting with new techniques to create beauty, as well as express my philosophical thoughts and symbolic images. I hope you enjoy the exhibit. Please feel free to email me with any of your comments or thoughts.

Dreamtime and Visionary Art Gallery

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