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Irene Vincent


Large Mystical Paintings

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"Spirit Bird and Snake Singing to the Stars", 60"H x 40"W, Irene Vincent, painted in 1990 repainted and mounted on canvas and stretched in 2007,

Oil Paint over Sand and Acrylic on Canvas, $12,000.00

"Bird and Snake Singing to the Stars" The snake represents the earth and the bird represents the heavens. This painting symbolizes the union of heaven and earth through  their song.   Enjoy youtube: Spirit Bird & Snake Singing to the Stars

Gicle'e Limited Edition Print on Canvas with 3/4" white edge: 18"H x 12"W  Reg. $275.00   Sale $199                          

Gicle'e Gallery Wrapped with 1 1/2" Border, so it doesn't need framing:  30"H x 20"W  Reg. $599.00   Sale $429.00

All Gicle'es are printed with archival inks on archival canvas, given two layers of varnish, stretched, hand embellished, given a third layer of varnish, hand signed and numbered. They are made so fine that they look like originals upon first glance.

 Photo Print Image:     Aprox. 9"H x 6"W  in a 14"H x 11"W Mat: $29.00           Call for availability. 949-285-1189